An Agriculture Project in Northern Aleppo Concludes Civil and Renovation Works at Two Sites

Türkiye’ – Monday, 11 April 2022-The SRTF agriculture project: "Agricultural Support to Farmers in Northern Aleppo" announced the completion of all rehabilitation and renovation works at two project sites for the administrative building and a storage shed that were planned under this project.


The first site to witness rehabilitation works is the one-story structure administrative building. This site witnessed the construction of a reinforced ribbed roof with area of around 215 square meters, in addition to the beams, ribs and stairs, levelling and backfilling works, masonry of bricks walls works, external and internal plastering, cladding, and painting works; steel works for the main gates, water tanks, and burglar bars; moreover, provision and installation of plumbing, sanitary, electrical, and lightning elements were completed.


The second site that witnessed renovation works is the storage shed which has been prepared to provide a suitable storage area for planting machinery and consumables; this site has seen works including masonry of bricks perimeter walls ( height of 4.5 m) with the bond beam at the top, internal plastering, cladding, and painting works for the walls; and steelworks for main gates and security bars.


With a total budget of EUR 2.4 million, the project promotes food security by supporting 1,500 self-managed, economically viable crop farms that have access to local markets, suppliers, and relevant business service providers.  At least 7,500 households will benefit from improved access to agricultural inputs from the project while indirectly, around 37,500 beneficiaries will benefit from the project.


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Agricultural Support to Farmers in Northern Aleppo


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