The SRTF Announces the Completion of Phase II of an Agriculture Intervention in Ar-Raqqa

Amman- Tuesday, 5 April 2022 - The SRTF announced the completion of all activities under its Stabilization Intervention, “Mechanization and Training Centers for Agricultural Equipment in Ar-Raqqa – Phase II” today.


The intervention had a positive impact as it boosted the role of farmers’ cooperatives by providing the needed agricultural services to local farmers and secured the efficient operation, maintenance and storage of the agricultural machinery that the SRTF provided. The cooperatives became more responsive, supportive and helpful to their members and more prepared to coordinate and cooperate for the provision of services during the farming and harvesting seasons.


Around 114% of the target beneficiaries -  3,986 farmers, benefited from eight different farmer cooperatives across eight villages in Ar-Raqqa Governorate, by building the capacity of the cooperatives through I) constructing Mechanization and Training Centers (MTCs) for the cooperatives, II) providing agricultural services to member farmers and III) delivering operational and management support through training and skill development to enable recipients to rebuild their agricultural systems and communities.


Beneficiary farmers started to see positive outcomes from the intervention through the availability of the agricultural machinery and equipment needed to cultivate, plant and harvest their lands. Moreover, the agricultural services were provided to farmers through the mechanisation centres in an organised manner, at more affordable costs.


The project was successful in its reinforcement of the agricultural sector, which in turn revitalized the local economy and provided increased food security in the region. The successes of this project will be furthered in the upcoming project, “Mechanization and Training Centers for Agricultural Equipment in Ar-Raqqa – Phase III”.


The intervention was completed at a total budget of 2,087,319 EUR.


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Mechanization and Training Centers for Agricultural Equipment in Ar Raqqa – Phase II


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