The SRTF Completes a Health Intervention Aimed at Combating COVID-19 & Improving Health Systems in Deir ez-Zor

Deir Ez-Zor – Tuesday, 29  March 2022- The SRTF is pleased to announce the successful completion of its health intervention “Emergency Response for COVID-19 in Deir ez-Zor”,  which aimed to serve people across the Deir ez-Zor Governorate by establishing a fully equipped COVID-19 center to provide healthcare and treatment to COVID-19 patients and combat the spread of the pandemic and improve the overall health system in NES which suffered from lack of health services, especially the advanced services such as intensive care unit (ICU).


As part of this intervention, the SRTF rehabilitated two buildings at a hospital to respond to the emergency of COVID-19 pandemic in Deir ez-Zor. The hospital was equipped with a 10-bed ICU section, 30-bed medical ward, and two isolation centers with a capacity of 50 beds each (50 for women and 50 for men) to treat mild, moderate and critical cases infected with the novel COVID-19 virus.


During the six months’ implementation, the hospital served a total of 584 patients, of which 578 patients were admitted in the inpatient unit, and 110 were admitted to the ICU. During the moths of April and May 2021, the hospital received 200 and 137 patients respectively, the highest numbers recorded throughout the project period.

Additionally, a total of 89 staff were recruited of which nine were administrative, and 80 were field staff, including physicians, medical support, non-technical support staff and guards. As part of the services delivered under this intervention, multiple training sessions to 79 staff (62 males and 17 females) throughout the intervention period. Training sessions were either on-site workshops or virtual sessions. 


In total, around 630,000 of the residents of Deir ez-Zor governorate and Northeast Syria benefited from the advanced medical care services provided by the established center in an area where medical services had been very limited or non-existent when the intervention started as most facilities that served COVID-19 patients were either closed or about to close. Additionally, free-of-charge COVID-19 services reduced the suffering of financially overburdened Syrian people.


The intervention completed activities using a total budget of EUR 1.49  million with a  EUR 209.97 surplus which will be released back to the available funds for future SRTF Stabilization Interventions under Filling the Void project.


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Emergency Response for Covid-19 in Deir Ez-Zor Governorate


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