An SRTF Health Intervention Receives a Batch of Medical Equipment and Consumables in Deir ez-Zor

Deir ez-Zor – Monday, 28 February 2022 - The SRTF announced a new delivery of medical equipment and consumables for COVID-19 and Non COVID-19 purposes under its health intervention: “COVID -19 Emergency Response and Establishment of Secondary and Tertiary Care in Deir Ez-Zor - Phase II” today.


The delivery included 5 types of medical equipment, 16 types of non-medical equipment, 1 device of lab equipment, 11 types of ICU medications, 126 types of OPD Medications, 73 of ICU Consumables, 58 types of lab consumables, seven types of PPE equipment, and three types of IPC (infection prevention and control materials).


The main objective for this intervention is to provide access to healthcare for patients with advanced health concerns, as secondary and tertiary care for both communicable and non - communicable diseases is limited in the area as the closest facilities offering select medical specialties including, pulmonology, hemodialysis, and pediatrics, is not within close distance.


It is estimated that the eight-month intervention will serve around 7,176 beneficiaries directly of which 456 will be potential and confirmed COVID-19 cases in Deir Ez-Zor who require isolation and admission and/or intensive care. Moreover, the intervention will cover a catchment population of approximately 630,000 individuals comprised of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and host community members residing to the east of the Euphrates River. Other beneficiaries will include an estimated 112 technical and administrative personnel, who will receive capacity-building support and salaries during the duration of the project.


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COVID-19 Emergency Response and Establishment of Secondary and Tertiary Care in Deir ez Zor -Phase II


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