The SRTF Successfully Completes Phase Four of an Agriculture Intervention in Ar-Raqqa

Ar-Raqqa- Tuesday, 4 January 2022- The SRTF announced the successful completion and closure of phase four of its Agriculture intervention “Agricultural Support to Farmers in Raqqa Governorate - Phase IV”. The intervention was approved as part of a series of agricultural support projects to farmers in Ar-Raqqa under the SRTF’s Stabilization (Filling the Void) project. The intervention was primarily planned to build on the preceding three phases by expanding the reach to nine communities in targeted areas. The intervention has accomplished its goals with a budget of EUR 6 million and a EUR 2 million surplus.  


In terms of impact, the SRTF successfully enhanced the livelihoods of 2,033 farmers (84% male & 16% female) farming 5,779.6 HA of land by 12,198 farmhands. The targeted farmers cultivated their lands using high-quality inputs such as pest-resistant wheat seeds, compound fertilizers, Agri-chemicals and equipment that they received under this intervention. More specifically, the farmers received a total of 1,450 MT of wheat seeds, 1,450 MT of Fertilizers, 2,050 MT of each type of agrochemicals (i.e., Fungicides, Pesticides, Rodenticides), 2,050 sets of personal protective equipment, 11,534 Liters and 220 MT of Herbicides.


Additionally, the intervention, in partnership with the implementing partner, established nine Cooperatives Administrative Units (CAU), recruited, and completed the technical capacity support for 27 women at the targeted cooperatives.  In their turn, the cooperatives received 27 tractors, nine combine harvesters and nine sets of agricultural implements (i.e., plows, burrows, seeders, ditchers, mowers, sprayers, fertilizer/sprayers, conveyors, balers, etc.). As a result, the nine cooperatives reported a total production of 16,684 MT wheat this harvest season.


Noteworthy, by effectively engaging women in administrative roles in the cooperatives, the SRTF has in many any ways, complemented its support cycle to agriculture cooperatives and greatly contributed to their productivity. It had also empowered women to assume their roles as key players in rebuilding their communities after the liberation from Daesh.


In an interview carried out with 14 of the female trainees, they all attested to the positive impact of the technical training and agreed the training was beneficial. One respondent said:My family noticed the change. My personality became stronger, and I am more responsible now. They have started to depend on me.”


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 Agricultural Support to Farmers in Ar-Raqqa Governorate – Phase IV


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