The SRTF Renews its Commitment to Enhancing First Food Security in Syria with the Approval of the first Intervention in Northeast Syria

Northeast Syria – Sunday, 12 December 2021- The SRTF is proud to announce the approval of its first EUR 3.4 million intervention in Northeast Syria to enhance food security.  This intervention: “Enhancing Food Security in Northeast Syria (NES)” is designed to provide an integrated approach to the cycle of bread production including the rehabilitation of mills, supply of soft wheat to complement the mixture of hard wheat for flour, and the subsequent availability of flour to 23 bakeries to produce bread at affordable prices to the benefit of around 45,000 families on a monthly basis living in three targeted areas in Ar-Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor.


In partnership with a qualified implementing partner, the SRTF will address the degraded capacity of three existing wheat mills in order to restore their operational capacity and contribute to food security by sourcing imported wheat from regional markets to secure flour for bread production and stimulate the local economy. Moreover. the intervention will support the operation of the mills through capacity building, including provision of administration, management, technical and logistical support, and the supply of wheat (soft and hard) to ensure adequate flour for the production of bread.


In a released statement, the SRTF Director General Eng. Hani Khabbaz hailed this update and said: “The SRTF brings in extensive experience of over seven years in the implementation of successful food security projects in Northern Aleppo which, in 2020, served an average of 280,542 beneficiaries receiving bread on a monthly basis.”  He continued: “We are looking forward to begin this effort in Northeast Syria to help alleviate some of the people’s fears and lessen their burden of securing bread at a stabilized price.”


Noteworthy, the three selected wheat mills will employ almost 100 people, translating into 100 families who directly benefit, while thousands of families will benefit from increased access to bread for the duration of eight months - the intervention life cycle.


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