An SRTF Agriculture Project Received Containerized Offices and Rubb Halls in Northern Aleppo

Türkiye’ – Thursday, 9 December 2021- The SRTF announced the delivery of four units of containerized offices and four units of rubb halls under its agriculture project; “Support to Potato Producers in North Aleppo”.

The six meters wide, ten meters long rubb halls will be used as temporary storage and agricultural extension centers for farmers in different farmer associations, whereas the four containerized offices will be installed at potato farmer associations to be used as an offices for the IE staff operations.


Wirth a total budget of EUR 1 million and a 12-month life cycle, the project is expected to benefit approximately 700 potato farmers and around 5,600 family members directly. The farmers who will benefit from the use of agricultural machinery provided through this project will cultivate an estimated area of approximately 2100 hectares, at an average rate of 3 hectares per farmer.


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Support to Potato Producers in North Aleppo


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