The SRTF Completes Phase I of an Electricity Intervention in Ar-Raqqa

Ar-Raqqa- Monday, October 11, 2021- The SRTF announced the successful completion of an electricity intervention “Restoration of Urban Lighting in Ar-Raqqa City - Phase I” today.


This intervention was primarily planned and approved to improve electricity infrastructure through the rehabilitation of two transformer centers and the restoration of street-lighting in Ar-Raqqa city.


Upon completion, the intervention successfully reported the restoration of streetlighting in 13 main streets in Ar-Raqqa city, which has positively contributed to improving the living conditions of its residents. It has also helped in restoring the commercial and economic activities in the targeted locations.


The impact of this intervention is seen in the improved safety and security situation in these streets after dark with an evident boost in night-time economy. Noteworthy, the average number of people seen in the streets after dark has significantly increased recently, moreover, business activities have benefitted from the extended opening hours with an increase in customer base beyond the just ‘regular’ customers as well as an increase in the frequency of shopping after dark compared to other streets in Ar-Raqqa.


 According to baseline and endline surveys with 99 pedestrian respondents (78 women and 21 men) to collect information on improvements in post-dusk shopping experiences 95% of respondents shared that they felt either ‘safe’ or ‘very safe’ when shopping after dark;  and 98%  out of the 99 respondents shared that they shop more regularly on the street since street lighting had been restored. 


With a total budget of EUR 792,955, this six-month intervention played a significant role in improving the sense of security and safety for residents after dark thanks to the restored street lighting in parts of Ar- Raqqa City. An estimated 44,000 people will directly benefit from this intervention, as well as the entire population of Raqqa city, approximately 177,636, will indirectly benefit.


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 Restoration of Urban Lighting in Ar-Raqqa City - Phase I


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