The SRTF Approves a New Project Worth EUR I Million to Support Potato Production in Northern Aleppo

Amman – Sunday, October 10, 2021 - The SRTF announced the approval of a new recovery project to support potato farmers in northern Aleppo Governorate. The new project " Support to Potato Producers in North Aleppo” aims to enhance the production capacity of potato farmer associations and enable them to produce on a commercial scale; thereby, increasing the availability of potatoes offered in the local market.


The project will also contribute to enhanced food security in the region because of the higher volume of potatoes in the market, which happens to be the second most consumed food after wheat in regions of northern Syria.


During its planned 12-month life cycle, the project will provide farmers with the necessary agricultural equipment to mechanize the work of potato production, and to help the farmers expand the cultivated areas.


The outcomes are expected to be: an increase and improvement in potato production & quality; improved cultivation practices and an increase in potato yields; secure timely application of required agronomic practices by the farmers; create job opportunities for field workers and graduates in agronomy and agricultural mechanization for each association; and finally an increase in the marketability of the potatoes through the introduction of integrated cleaning, grading and bagging which shall result in improved prices of the produce.


At a total budget of EUR 1 million, it is estimated that around 700 potato farmers and around 5,600 family members will directly benefit from this project. Moreover, the farmers who will benefit from the use of agricultural machinery provided through this project will cultivate an estimated area of approximately 2100 hectares, at an average rate of 3 hectares per farmer.


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Support to Potato Producers in North Aleppo


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