The SRTF Completes the Construction of Two Vocational Training Centers in Ar-Raqqa

Ar-Raqqa - Saturday, May 29, 2021- The SRTF management unit (MU) is pleased to report the completion of construction works of two, out of eight vocational training centers under its intervention: “Mechanization and Training Centers for Agricultural Equipment in Ar Raqqa – Phase II”.  The centers come as part of a second phase to build more vocational training centers to support farmers in light of the success witnessed in phase I of the same intervention in Ar-Raqqa.


The two (2,500m²) vocational training centers, consist of training classrooms, offices, mechanics workshop, a storage, and a shading area to store the agricultural machinery provided by SRTF to each COOP. The centers are designed to provide operational and management support to COOPs for the efficient and safe use of all the agricultural machinery supplied by SRTF and will introduce training workshops for selected members of the COOP communities in field mechanization practices. The remaining six centers are expected to be completed by mid-late June 2021.


With a total budget of EUR 2.3 million, phase II of this intervention aims to establish eight vocational training centers and introduce technical advisory services. An estimated 3,500 farmers and around 230 trainees will positively benefit from the services provided by these centers including the agricultural mechanization training services on the use and maintenance of the agricultural machinery.


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Mechanization and Training Centers for Agricultural Equipment in Ar Raqqa – Phase II


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