2,000 Farmers Receive 12,000 Vegetable Seed Packages in Northern Aleppo

Türkiye  – Wednesday,  February 10, 2021 – As plantation season draws near, farmers in Northern Aleppo, the SRTF delivered 12,000 packages of different vegetable seeds to the Implementing entity (IE) under project, “Support for Vegetable Production in Northern Aleppo”. The delivery contains 2,000 tomato type 1 seed packages, each contains 1000 seeds, 2,000 tomato type 2 seed packages each contains 1000 seeds, 2,000 cucumber seed packages each contains 1000 seeds, 2,000 eggplant seed packages each contains 1000 seeds, and 2,000 green capsicum seed packages each contains 1000 seeds. Additionally, the delivery contained 2,000 packages of green beans seed packages each contains 2 KGs of bean seeds.


The seeds will be distributed to 2,000 farmers, each farmer is planting land of around 2.5 Dunums and will receive six seed packages; one of each of the different vegetables. This project aims to cultivate vegetable production and promote economic growth and sustainability in the 11 targeted communities. This 18-month project has a budget of EUR 1.76 million.


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Support of Vegetable Production in Northern Aleppo


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