The SRTF Delivers Backpack Sprayers, PPE Equipment, and Plastic Sheets to its Agriculture Project in Aleppo

Türkiye  – Wednesday, February 3, 2021 – The SRTF announced new deliveries under its project, “Support of Vegetable Production in Northern Aleppo” today. The deliveries consisted of manual backpack sprayers, personal protective equipment (PPE), and black plastic sheets (plastic mulch).


Each of these deliveries plays an important role in the project; 1,000 backpack sprayers which will be distributed to selected farmers will be used to protect vegetable fields against insects and diseases. The PPE equipment including 125 coveralls, 100 pairs of rubber gloves, 85 rubber boots, 40 safety glasses (goggles), 150 caps, and 2,000 dust masks will be used to protect farmers and IE staff when handling chemicals or fertilizers. Finally, 10 tons of black plastic sheets will be used to protect vegetable seeds in greenhouses to help them germinate in controlled temperatures and moisture levels. The plastic sheets also help in reducing soil erosion and eliminating weed growth.


With a total budget of EUR 1.76 million, the project is expected to have a positive impact on farmers and their communities, directly benefitting around 20,300 beneficiaries who will benefit from improved economic conditions and enhanced food security.


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Supporting Vegetable Production in Northern Aleppo Governorate


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