First Two Shipments of Medications Delivered to SRTF Health Centers in Ar-Raqqa

Ar-Raqqa – Sunday,  January 10, 2021 – The SRTF’s health intervention, “Extension of Medical Services for Rural Communities in Ar-Raqqa Governorate - Phase III” received its first two shipments of medications today. These medications will be distributed to the SRTF-supported public health centers (PHCs) in seven communities in Ar-Raqqa governorate. The shipments consisted of medications for communicable and non-communicable diseases, common chronic diseases such as diabetes, mellitus, hypertension and asthma, as well as for gynecological and pediatric diseases.


This intervention aims to continue logistical support to seven centers established during the first two phases of the intervention to ensure the continuation of primary health care services in the targeted areas. This phase will focus on increasing support to the PHCs, as well as connecting them to major health facilities so patients can get access to better healthcare.


With a total budget of EUR 1.29 million, this intervention will contribute towards the overall health of an estimated 81,000 people in varying age groups who will benefit from the third phase of this intervention during its six-month duration.

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Extension of Medical Services for Rural Communities in Ar-Raqqa Governorate - Phase III


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