The SRTF Delivers Agrochemicals to its Project in Northern Aleppo

Türkiye – Tuesday, 24th November 2020- The SRTF announced the delivery of agrochemicals to its agriculture project, “Support of Vegetable Production in Northern Aleppo” today.   The delivery consisted of 1,250 liters of fungicide for seed treatment before planting and 2,000 liters of acaricide for pest control.  The supplied chemicals are in full compliance with applicable sanctions and are safe for the environment.  


With a total budget of EUR 1.76 million, this project is expected to have a positive impact on farmers through the provision of high-quality agricultural inputs and the adoption of good agricultural practices and technical methods in irrigation and spraying of pesticides, which will work on Increasing vegetable production and restoring the confidence of vegetable producers to invest in this area.


In terms of beneficiaries, around two thousand farmers and their families (around 12,000 individuals) are expected to benefit directly from the improved economic conditions and from the creation of job opportunities as a result of this project which will lead to enhancing food security in the targeted area. 


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Support of Vegetable Production in Northern Aleppo


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