The SRTF Delivers Shipments of Agriculture Inputs to Northern Aleppo

Türkiye – Monday, 23rd November 2020 – The SRTF announced the delivery of two shipments in northern Aleppo under the project, “Supporting the Recovery of Livestock Production in Northern Aleppo Governorate” today. The first delivery consisted of 255 metric tons (MT) of barley and four MT of alfalfa seeds. The second delivery was 234 metric tons (MT) of compound fertilizer, which was the first shipment of the contracted 350 MT.


The barley and alfalfa seeds will be grown for grazing green fodder for livestock during the spring. Meanwhile, the compound fertilizer will be spread throughout the fields to increase the shoots of the barley and alfalfa seeds for springtime grazing.


This agriculture project has a budget of EUR 3.7 million and aims to enhance the agriculture sector in northern Aleppo. Upon completion, an estimated 20,300 farmers and their families will directly benefit from the results of the project. Additionally, a total of 120,000 people will indirectly benefit from the project’s inputs and outputs.


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Supporting the Recovery of Livestock Production in Northern Aleppo Governorate


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