Agricultural Tractors Delivered to Nine Communities in Ar-Raqqa

Ar-Raqqa – Tuesday, 27th October 2020 – A total of 27 new agricultural tractors were delivered to nine farmer cooperatives in Ar-Raqqa today. This activity was completed under SRTF intervention, “Agricultural Support to Farmers in Ar-Raqqa Governorate – Phase IV”. These tractors will be used for a myriad of purposes including pulling or pushing agricultural machinery or trailers, plowing, tilling, disking, harrowing, planting, and similar tasks. This delivery is timely to assist the farmers in the wheat plantation season.


Phase four of this intervention was launched to continue the work that had started in 2018, and to deliver integrated agricultural and technical support packages to registered farmers in nine agricultural cooperatives to enhance their capabilities. Furthermore, it provides technical support to the cooperatives’ departments to enhance agricultural capacity and crop production.


The first three phases of the agriculture support assisted around 5,200 farmers, cultivating over 12,000 hectares in 15 cooperatives. This phase of the intervention, with a budget of EUR 8.37 million, targets 2,100 farmers, their families, and community workers. Around 5,800 hectares of land will be cultivated as a result of this intervention, which will positively impact the local economy and help overall food security in the targeted communities.


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Agriculture Support to Farmers in Ar-Raqqa Governorate – Phase IV


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