The SRTF Delivers Electrical Equipment to its Medium and Low Voltage Project in Northern Aleppo.

Türkiye – Wednesday, April 1st  2020 – Amid precautionary measures taken in the wake of the spread of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the SRTF announced the continuation of its activities and project deliveries on schedule with a three-batch delivery completed over the course of three days today. The delivery was made to the implementing entity (IE) of its project: “Rehabilitation of the Medium and Low Voltage Grid in Selected Urban, Sub-urban and Rural Communities in a Northern District in Aleppo” and consisted of one basket crane with its spare parts, a large group of electrical network maintenance materials  including medium and low voltage cables and conductors which were handed over to the IE.

This delivery comes as part of the SRTF’s efforts to rehabilitate the electrical energy infrastructure in targeted areas by providing the IE with equipment and materials needed to carry out the rehabilitation process of the medium and low voltage grid and transformer substations in the targeted location. The project will help introduce improvements in the grid to mitigate some of the problems including transformers overload. Furthermore, the project will also target the reduction of power losses and weaknesses due to deteriorating network of the distribution system especially the low voltage networks.

With a total budget of 1.6 million euros, it is expected that approximately 50,000 people will benefit directly from this project from people living the targeted areas.


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Rehabilitation of the Medium and Low Voltage Grid in Urban, Sub-urban and Rural Communities in a Northern District in Aleppo


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