The SRTF Approves Three New Stabilization Interventions in Ar-Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor for EUR 10.3 Million.

Amman- Friday,  27th March 2020- The SRTF’s management committee (MC) approved three new stabilization interventions in Ar-Raqqa and Deir Ezzor governorates with a total budget of EUR 10.3 million bringing the total budget allocated to the SRTF’s Stabilization "Filling the void" program to EUR 55.69 million.

The first approved intervention: “Rehabilitation of Water Canal and it’s Pump Stations and Agriculture Support in Deir ez-Zor” aims to develop agricultural infrastructure by rehabilitating the main water channel, repairing two water pumping stations, maintaining the water distribution network, and providing agricultural support to farmers in seven agricultural communities. The total allocated budget for the intervention is EUR 8.7 million, and it is expected that approximately 23,000 farmers will directly benefit from this intervention while 133,000 people will benefit indirectly in the targeted areas.

The second intervention: "Rehabilitation of a Number of Electrical Transformers in Ar-Raqqa" is one of the priority projects for people living in  targeted areas where the project will work to supply two of the main hospitals with electricity by rehabilitating electrical transfer stations and will also work to provide the local population and the displaced with electricity by rehabilitating four electrical transmission stations in the neighborhoods of the city of Ar-Raqqa, near the Euphrates River. It will also provide five rural communities with electricity in Raqqa countryside by rehabilitating five electrical transformers and maintaining the electrical network.  With a total budget estimated at EUR 845.90 thousand and a six-month lifespan, the project is expected to directly benefit around 300,000 beneficiaries, including large numbers of families of the displaced who are currently residing in the targeted areas.

The third intervention: " Supporting Restoration of Aquaculture in Ar-Raqqa Governorate - Phase I ", which is the first of its kind in the targeted areas, it aims to improve the livelihoods of host communities in seven selected locations who have been affected by the displacement and the large number of returnees and IDPs  to the targeted locations by the means of Grants to work in the field of fish farming which will enable fish farmers to ensure the sustainability of their businesses,  and will provide residents with a sustainable source of fish at reasonable prices. The intervention also aims to provide opportunities to improve income and food security through opportunities to " Cash-for-work activities" in the seven selected locations. With a total budget of EUR 784.74 thousand, the project is expected to benefit 1.194 family members of fish farmers as well as workers and guards working on these farms. An estimated 110,000 community members will benefit indirectly in Ar-Raqqa due to enhanced food security which will result from the project and from the various activities within this intervention. This intervention is expected to be completed within six months period.


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