The SRTF Appoints A New Independent Monitoring Agent in 2020

Amman – Wednesday, 18 December 2019– The SRTF announced the appointment of a new Independent Monitoring Agent (IMA) for third party monitoring of its projects in Syria for the year 2020. The new agent was appointment by the SRTF’s Management Committee (MC) Chairman after undergoing a thorough and competitive bidding process that was completed earlier this month. The competitive process ensures transparency and equal opportunity for all.

The engagement of an IMA is a major requirement to assist the SRTF in monitoring and evaluation on performance and impacts of all projects. The IMA provides assurances that SRTF resources are utilized for their intended purposes and that confidence can be placed in the overall processes of project planning, implementation, and reporting against key monitoring and evaluation indicators. The IMA is an important consultant who helps facilitate evidence-based decision making.

The IMA will send field monitors to SRTF-supported project locations inside Syria to independently verify the accuracy of Management Unit (MU) field and Implementing Entity (IEs) reports. Through monthly on-site field visits, the IMA will use a series of specialized managerial and reporting tools to determine the confidence levels that SRTF management can have in IE and field coordinator reports, which include financial payments made inside Syria, physical progress made, and overall impact on SRTF-supported communities.

In addition to assessing the reliability of field reports and facilitating evidence-based decision making, the IMA helps to ensure that SRTF funds are used for the specific purposes budgeted and provide feedback on suspected misuse or misreporting. As part of its responsibilities, the IMA will prepare and submit twelve monthly reports, three quarterly reports, and one annual report to the SRTF’s management.

The new IMA will build on the work of the previous IMA and will take charge as of January 1st, 2020 having completed a thorough and smooth handover process.


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