The SRTF Begins to Harvest Wheat in Ar-Raqqa Governorate

Ar-Raqqa - Sunday, 2 June,2019 - Today the SRTF began harvesting wheat fields that was planted six months ago using the newly delivered SRTF harvesters. This is considered an integral part of famers’ support and crowns food security efforts that started with SRTF wheat supplied and planted under its project "Agriculture Support to Farmers in Ar-Raqqa Governorate.”  The delivered equipment is being operated by contractor to provide the service to the farmers to harvest their lands in the approved targeted areas.

The SRTF Director General Eng. Hani Khabbaz expressed his utmost pride and stated: “I am proud of my team and our work. Harvesting is the last milestone of this project and it’s the time when farmers finally yield the benefit of their hard work and the SRTF support.”


With a budget of 10.5 million for Phases I & II of the project, the intervention is expected to directly benefit 3,100 farmers cultivating approximately 6,500 hectares of land and will indirectly benefit the farmers families and the people in the targeted areas.


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