The SRTF Announces Approval of Phase Three of its Stabilization Efforts in Areas Liberated from Daesh in Ar-Raqqa Governorate

Ar-Raqqa – Tuesday, 12 February 2019 The SRTF announced the approval of a new intervention as part of its “Filling the Void” stabilization effort in areas liberated from Daesh today. The “Agricultural Support to Farmers – Phase III” intervention will provide essential agricultural inputs and equipment to bolster the agricultural economy, increase local livelihood opportunities, and revive a traditional way of life.


The SRTF will expedite deliveries and provide complimentary technical inputs to amplify agricultural access and productivity. In addition to the supply and distribution of agriculture inputs, including 2,200 metric tons of seeds and fertilizer, pesticides, tarpaulin sheets, and hessian sacks, the SRTF will provide technical capacity support to ensure farmers have the resources to ensure a productive yield. The SRTF will leverage its relationships established during the implementation of Phase 1 and Phase 2, to expedite deliveries and provide complimentary technical inputs to amplify agricultural access and productivity.


The SRTF Director General Eng. Hani Khabbaz expressed pride and gratitude for the confidence placed in the performance of the SRTF and its field operations. He said: “the SRTF’s stabilization methodology is reaping positive results on the ground, and this approval will  strengthen the SRTF’s commitment to restoring stability, and livelihoods for Syrians returning to their homes in the liberated areas”. He added: “the third phase, the largest in terms of outputs, will bring the total number of cultivated lands supported by the SRTF through this intervention to about 14,000 hectares, allowing some 3400 farmer and their families to flourish in sustainable agricultural environments, making the dream of a full recovery from the terror of Daesh almost emanate”. 


The SRTF Director General further expressed his enthusiasm for a promising continuation of the SRTF’s pipeline of stabilization projects and activities which exceed EUR 30 million in the livelihood, agriculture, food security, WASH, health and other sectors.



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