The SRTF Launches Phase 1 of its “Agriculture Support to Farmers- Phase I ” project as part of its Stabilization Efforts in Ar-Raqqa Governorate

Ar-Raqqa – Wednesday, 25 July 2018 - The Syria Recovery Trust Fund announced today the launch of the first phase of its “Agriculture Support to Farmers” activity under the SRTF’s stabilization efforts in areas liberated from Daesh. At a total cost of 4.1 million EUR, this activity targets 2,100 farmers and their families cultivating approximately 2,500 hectare of land in three rural communities northeast of Ar-Raqqa City. The SRTF is planning two additional phases at a future estimated cost of EUR 12 million, thus bringing the expected total of support to farmers to EUR 16 million targeting up to 13,000 hectares.


The launch of the first phase includes the delivery and distribution of agriculture inputs including wheat seeds and other seeds to three farmer cooperatives, compound fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, sacks, etc. as well as supply of equipment including, tractors, harvesters, bailers, as well as other agriculture tools for the benefit of the targeted beneficiaries. In addition to the supply of inputs and equipment, the SRTF will rehabilitate five bridges and two water irrigation canal gates in the targeted areas.


The Director General of the SRTF, Eng. Hani Khabbaz, said that: “through the delivery of high quality agricultural commodities, the activity aims to restore cereal and vegetable harvests to pre-conflict levels.” He added that; “the SRTF’s pipeline of stabilization projects and activities to contribute effectively to stabilizations efforts in areas liberated from Daesh exceeds 100 million EUR with focus on livelihood, agriculture, food security, health as well as other sectors.”


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