The SRTF Management Committee Approves New Interventions Worth EUR 19 Million in the South of Syria

Amman – Wednesday, 30 May 2018 

The Syria Recovery Trust Fund (SRTF) ended two-day meetings of its governing bodies, the Management Committee (MC) and Steering Board (SB), in Paris today with the MC approval of two new recovery projects in Syria worth approximately EUR 19 million. The new interventions bring the total number of SRTF approved projects up to 38 with a total budget allocation of EUR 138.8 million.


With a budget of approximately EUR 14.8 million, the new “Complementary Project for Enhancing Food Security in Dar’a and Quneira Governorates” will ensure the availability of wheat, milling capacities and other inputs in order to secure production of bread and other edibles to the benefit of one million people.


The second approved intervention, the “Installation of Solar Power Generation Units in a City of Dar’a Governorate” project, will help secure the minimum level of sufficient power supplies for homes and businesses in the targeted areas of the city. At a total cost of about EUR 4.1 million, the project is expected to add another source of clean energy to the power supplies of the local electricity grid. Some 30,000 people will directly benefit from this project.


The MC meeting was briefed by the Director General, Eng. Hani Khabbaz, on progress made and challenges faced in implementation of on-going projects. The meetings discussed other matters as well, including reports presented by the SRTF Independent Monitoring Agent (IMA) and the SRTF Ombudsperson’s revised Complaints Resolution Mechanism (CRM).


The SB meeting was also briefed on development on the ground, including project implementation progress, security issues, state of stabilization interventions and the state of funding and projections for the future. Furthermore, the meeting discussed audit reports, institutional arrangements and updates from the two host countries, Turkey and Jordan.


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