Japan Disburses an Additional EUR 10 Million Contribution to the SRTF

Amman – Wednesday, 4 April 2018 – The Syria Recovery Trust Fund (SRTF) announced today that it has received an additional contribution of about EUR 10 million from Japan. The new additional contribution brings the total amount of Japan’s contributions to the SRTF since its establishment in 2013 up to EUR 31.25 million.


Commenting on the new contribution, Mr. Yuichi Oba, Primary Representative of Japan to the SRTF Steering Board, said “Japan has contributed to stability and peace in Syria since the beginning of the Syrian Crisis, and its support for Syria, Iraq and neighbouring countries has reached around 21 billion US dollars. Japan hopes this new contribution to the SRTF would help mitigate the suffering of the Syrian people”.  


On his part, the Director-General of the SRTF, Eng. Hani Khabbaz, thanked the Government of Japan for its generous support and expressed “gratitude for the confidence it places in the performance of the SRTF-MU and its field operations.” He said: “this is yet another vote of confidence of a major donor country in the SRTF’s ability to deliver concrete results in supporting livelihoods of the millions of people undergoing tremendous suffering in the continuing war circumstances.” Eng. Khabbaz affirmed that “the new additional contributions received from Japan and from the United States earlier this month, will help expand the SRTF operations where most needed by ordinary Syrian people, including those living in areas newly liberated from extremist groups like Daesh.”  He added: “over seven million people have already benefited from the SRTF interventions and many more Syrians will be assisted by the SRTF inside Syria thanks to the continued support of Japan and the other 11 SRTF donors.”


Japan’s new contribution brings the total amount of contributions received from all 12 SRTF donor countries up to approximately EUR 212 million (about US$ 260 million). The other donor countries and members of the SRTF are Germany, United Arab Emirates, , United States of America, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, United Kingdom, Kuwait, France, Italy and the Netherlands. Turkey and Jordan are also members as host countries of the SRTF.


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