The United States of America Contribute USD 20 Million to the Stabilization Efforts of the SRTF

 Amman – Monday, 12 March 2018 – The SRTF announced today that it has received an additional contribution of US $20 million (about EUR 16.23 million) from the United States in support of stabilization efforts in areas liberated from ISIS in Syria. Bringing the total amount of its contributions up to US $60 million, the U.S. has become the largest donor to the SRTF.

The U.S. had pledged this additional contribution, the fourth since the SRTF was established in 2013, during the first Extraordinary Meeting of the SRTF Steering Board (SB) hosted by USAID in Washington DC on Monday, 10 July, 2017. 


Commenting on the additional contribution, Ms. Maria Longi, Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator of the Bureau for Middle East of USAID, said “The U.S. continues to support the SRTF, which is an effective mechanism for producing tangible results in reestablishing essential services.”  She added that ‘the new contribution is earmarked to support the SRTF stabilization efforts in areas newly liberated from ISIS in cooperation and coordination with the Global Coalition to Defeat Daesh.” Ms. Longi underlined “the confidence that the US and other donor countries place in the SRTF and its ability to alleviate the suffering of civilians, including IDPs, inside Syria through infrastructure rehabilitation and recovery of services.”


The U.S. contribution significantly strengthens the SRTF stabilization efforts under its “Filling the Void” project, which comprises of interventions in eight sectors, including food security, health, electricity, water and sanitation, education, solid waste management, agriculture, and housing. “Filling the Void” interventions range from providing hospitals with medical supplies, equipment and furniture to setting up wheat milling plants that secure flour supplies to bakeries for bread production.


Launched in 2015, the project rapidly directs assistance to infrastructure and public services that have been destroyed and interrupted during the war. The quick delivery of inputs and supplies provides an immediate impact on the livelihood of civilians in affected areas. For example, in Aleppo’s northeastern countryside, the project provided essential equipment and support for infrastructure repairs of the local electricity grid and water distribution network. The repairs ensured immediate restoration of reliable electricity and water supplies for people emerging from oppressive ISIS control. Over 300,000 Syrian people are benefiting from these and other interventions carried out by the project in this area.


Eng. Hani Khabbaz, Director General of the SRTF, welcomed the U.S. decision to increase its support to the SRTF for stabilization efforts, and expressed gratitude for “the continuous and strong support of the U.S. to millions of war-affected civilians inside Syria”. He continued “the additional resources from the USA will enable the SRTF to further expand the scope and coverage of its stabilization efforts in areas liberated from Daesh.” The additional allocation will increase the funds allocated for stabilization to over EUR 21 million.


The new U.S. contribution brings the total received contributions from all 12 SRTF donor countries to approximately EUR 202 million (about US $250 million). The other donor countries and members of the SRTF are Germany, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Japan, United Kingdom, Kuwait, France, Italy and the Netherlands. Turkey and Jordan are also members as host countries of the SRTF.



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