The SRTF Delivers Pesticides, Insecticides and Rodenticides to Protect Wheat Crops in Dar’a and Quneitra Governorates

Jordan – Monday, 12 March 2018 - The SRTF Management Unit (MU) delivered large quantities of pesticides, insecticides and rodenticides to the Syrian Public Establishment for Grain (SPEG), the implementing entity of the SRTF “Support and Inputs for the Food Security Sector (South)” project. The delivery took place today at a zero point on the Jordanian-Syrian border in coordination with the Jordanian authorities.


The delivered materials, including 400 Kg of insecticides, 300 liters of pesticides and 600 Kg of rodenticides will be used to fumigate warehouses and stores of wheat harvests and to combat pests of cereal crops in the Governorates of Dar’a and Quneitra. The goods are part of several deliveries under this projects that include, among others, procurement of imported and locally produced wheat, installation of milling plants, implementation of related civil works and provision of relating equipment, accessories, fuels, etc.


Worth a total of approximately EUR 3.3 million, the project aims to tackle the present food insecurity situation in the two governorates by ensuring wheat supplies, milling capacities, improved local storage capacities, reduced post harvest losses and increased availability of the necessary inputs for bread production on a sustainable basis.


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Enhancing Food Security of Dar’a and Quneitra Governorates


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