Seven Million Syrians Benefit from SRTF Completed Projects

Jordan – Thursday, 16 November 2017 – The SRTF Management Unit (MU) announced today that almost seven million Syrians have directly benefited from 12 SRTF projects. According to a desk review carried out by MU, over EUR 20 million were invested in the 12 projects, which were completed and closed during the past three years.


Covering four sectors namely food security, agriculture, health, and electricity sectors, the completed projects have reached their core objectives of rehabilitating essential infrastructure and resuming delivery of critical services in the governorates of Aleppo, Idleb and Dar’a. Three completed projects in the food security sector have contributed significantly to an increased availability of food, essentially bread, at reduced prices that the population of targeted areas can afford. One completed project in the Agriculture sector addressed a pressing need of preventing the spread of livestock diseases, such as the Foot & Mouth disease, Pasteurella and Sheep and Goat Pox, which have led to the death of thousands of animals in Idleb Governorate. Another project in the electricity sector is responsible for the rehabilitation of electricity grids and for increased supplies of power to tens of thousands of households in a city in Aleppo Governorate.


Most of the completed projects, seven out of 12 projects, covered the health sector in Aleppo and Idleb Governorates. While enhancing emergency services through the supply of ambulances and other inputs, the projects have largely contributed to the concrete improvement of health services under harsh conflict conditions. The SRTF support to the health sectors included deliveries of medications, medical consumables and hospital equipment and devices necessary to treat a range of illnesses and injuries from dialysis devices, to orthopaedic surgery tools and instruments.


Commenting on the review findings, Eng. Hani Khabbaz, Director-General of the SRTF said: “We are proud of the progress made by our projects and the on-going achievements they make in reaching out to the neediest.” He added: “Reducing the suffering of some seven million people inside Syria over the past three years is quite an achievement.” Eng. Khabbaz commended the continued support of SRTF members, expressed his gratitude to the invaluable contributions of the projects’ implementing entities and thanked the entire SRTF team responsible for the resounding success. He also vowed to expand the SRTF operations to help more people benefit from the restored infrastructure and public services.


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Support to the National Wheat Procurement Project in Aleppo, Dar’a and Idleb Governorates


Storage and Milling Support to the National Wheat Programme


Procurement of Hessian Sacks for 2015 Wheat Crops in the Governorates of Aleppo, Dar’a and Idleb


Reestablishment of the Livestock Vaccination Program in Selected Locations in the Idleb Governorate


Rehabilitation and Expansion of the Electricity Grid of a Town in Aleppo Governorate


Providing Ambulances to Aleppo Governorate


Supply of Orthopedic Implants and Devices to Three Hospitals in Aleppo Governorate


Supply of Orthopedic Implants and Devices to Two Hospitals in Idleb Governorate


Support to a Hospital in a City in Aleppo Governorate


Support to Health Services at Hospitals in Idleb Governorate


Support to the Emergency Response System in Aleppo Governorate


Support to Health Services in Aleppo



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