The SRTF Delivers a CT Scan Device to Dar’a Governorate

Jordan – Wednesday, 8 November 2017 – The SRTF Management Unit delivered a new CT Scan device to the implementing entity (IE) of its “Support to Health Services in Dar’a Governorate” project today. The device was delivered at a zero point on the Jordanian-Syrian border in coordination with the Jordanian authorities. It, will be located in the premises of one major hospital, also serving other associated hospitals in the governorate.

The lack of CT-Scan services in Dar’a Governorate is currently affecting the health conditions of a large number of patients in need of accurate diagnoses of both trauma caused by the conflict and other types of diseases or disorders - especially neurological diseases and disorders. As a result, patients are facing many challenges from health complications to economic difficulties.  Notably, at least 100 patients travel to Jordan each month to receive CT-scanning services. The IE has estimated that 80% of these patients will be served by local hospitals upon successful project implementation.

Worth a total of approximately EUR 3.9 million, the project will also address the need for oxygen generation for hospitals, which is completely lacking at present. The project will procure and deliver two oxygen generation units and a filling station of 24 40-liter cylinders per day. These will satisfy the needs of local hospitals of oxygen for patients. The project will also provide electricity generators to prevent interruption of oxygen generation at the two plants and to ensure the availability of CT-Scan services for some 94,000 people in the Governorate.


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