The SRTF Delivers Small Garbage Collection Tools to Dar’a Governorate

Jordan – Thursday, 26 October 2017 – The SRTF Management Unit today delivered a large quantity of small garbage collection tools to the implementing entity of its “Solid Waste Management in Six Communities of Dar'a Governorate” project. Purchased internally from the local market, the delivery includes 80 wheelbarrows, 120 dustpans without wheels, 250 shovels, 250 dust brushes, 100 hoes, 50 large hummers and 760 spare parts.

The sanitation and hygiene standards in the governorate have deteriorated following the start of the conflict. Waste collection vehicles decreased due to malfunctions or theft while the lack of proper equipment and pesticide use has led to the spread of rodents and insects. Waste has been piled into mounds, favoring the spread of diseases and a degradation of hygiene levels.


The SRTF project aims to reduce the risk of disease proliferation and to improve the living conditions of the local communities by rehabilitating the solid waste management sector. Today’s delivery is part of a larger effort that also includes the supply of machinery, tools and materials, including hydraulic refuse collection vehicles to transport waste and rubble, equipment to spray insecticides and rehabilitation and proper management of waste landfills.


At a total cost of approximately EUR 3.2 million, the project is expected to enhance pest control, limit the spread of diseases (e.g. cutaneous leishmaniasis) and prevent the outbreak of epidemic diseases (e.g. typhoid and cholera) through proper sanitation practices. Over 50,000 people will directly benefit from the improved public health, reduced environmental pollution and increased job opportunities that the project is bringing about in the targeted areas.


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