The SRTF Launches a New Eur 4.9 Million Project to Repair the Medium Voltage Electricity Network of Dar’a Governorate

Turkey – Monday, 13 March 2017 – The SRTF Management Unit announced today that the fund’s Management Committee has approved a new “Rehabilitation of the Medium Voltage Grid in selected Areas of Dar’a Governorate” project. At a total cost of EUR 4.9 million, the project aims to address critical problems facing the electricity sector as a result of a vast destruction of the medium voltage grid in the selected areas of Dar'a Governorate.


The project will carry out essential repair works on the network, including replacement of destroyed transformers, circuit cutters, cables, aerial conductors, fuses, underground cables as well as poles and towers holding the grid. It will also enable its implementing entity (IE) to acquire and use logistics such as diesel, filters and lubricants for running generators, transformer oil, safety clothes, etc.


The project is expected to deliver improved and reliant electricity services for approximately 500,000 inhabitants with permanent residence in the moderate opposition-controlled areas of the governorate. Many internally displaced families present in these areas will also benefit from the improved electricity supplies. The project will also provide the beneficiaries with benefits in other sectors such as pumping potable water to residential areas, hospitals, schools, etc.


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