The SRTF Delivers Water Pumps and Accessories to Secure the Supply of Potable Water to Residents in Aleppo Countryside

Turkey – Wednesday, 16 November 2016 – The SRTF Management Unit today delivered a large quantity of water pumps, tanks and accessories under its “Rehabilitation and Restoration of Potable Water Supply Network in Aleppo Countryside” project. The delivery took place at a zero point on the Turkish-Syrian border in coordination with the Turkish authorities.
Worth a total of approximately EUR 1 million, the shipment consisted of 42 submersible pumps, 24 vertical pumps, 96 dosing pumps, 96 small Polyethylene water tanks, 52 control panels as well as spare parts for the pumps.

The project aims to address the problem of potable water shortages in the project area due to an increased population following the displacement of many people from Aleppo City to the countryside. The implementing entity (IE) will rehabilitate and ensure the functionality of water wells in the project target areas, where some 25,000 wells are located, and a water distribution network of approximately 4000 km.

At a total cost of EUR 5.23 million, the project will procure and utilize a large quantity of equipment and materials, including pipes fittings, manhole works, control panels, generators and transformers, etc. Civil works under this project include up to 8 water towers of which four sites require water storage facilities, installation of a chlorination plant at each location, borehole drilling, replacement of damaged pipes and tanks, etc. Some 234,000 Syrians will directly benefit from this project.

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Rehabilitation and Restoration of the Potable Water Supply Network in Aleppo Countryside


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