A Technical Team of SPEG Visits a Mills Factory in Turkey

Turkey – Thursday, 13 October 2016 – A technical team of the implementing entity (IE) paid a visit to Cift Kartal mills factory in Turkey today to learn more about the company’s flourmills and their technical specifications, output capacities, performance and maintenance details.


The visit precedes the delivery of flourmills and accessories to the north of Syria as part of the SRTF’s “Enhancing Food Security of Aleppo and Idleb Governorates” project.


The project, worth a total of approximately EUR 13.7 million, aims to meet the food security needs of the entire population of moderate opposition held areas of the two governorates. Project activities include, among others, procurement and installation of two milling plants capable of producing 50 tons per day of flours each. The first of the two plants will soon be delivered, installed and operationalized in order to supply bakeries with much needed flour for bread production.


The project also includes procurement and delivery of 15,000 tons of wheat, over 1.7 million hessian sacks, more than 1.2 million polypropylene flour sacks, fuels, fire extinguishers and other accessosiers and activities including civil works.



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