Training Starts Implementation of the SRTF Seeds Multiplication Programme in Three Governorates

Turkey – Friday, 30 September 2016 – A team of agriculture specialists from Aleppo, Idleb and Hama governorates ended a three-day training workshop in Gaziantep, Turkey, today. Starting implementation of the SRTF Seeds Multiplication Programme: in the three governorates, the workshop focused on understanding and launching the various components of the project relying on agronomic and field mechanization practices appropriate use of performance indicators, proper communication, procurement, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) procedures, etc.


Worth approximately EUR 3.3 million, the project aims to improve agricultural production, hence, food security, by providing reliable agricultural equipment, inputs and logistical services. It will procure and supply the local farming communities with pesticides, herbicides, sprayers, belt conveyors, harvesters, tractors, vehicles operational grain cleaning and seed treatment equipment, which are essential in a seed production processes.


While strengthening the structure and institutional capacity of the implementing entity (IE), the project will protect the local high-yielding varieties of cereals’ and legumes’ seeds. It will increase areas cultivated with certified seed by farmers and will provide approximately 5,000 tons of screened and treated wheat seed. This quantity is enough to cultivate about 20,000 hectare of farmable land, which will produce roughly 80,000 tons of wheat for flour. Thereby, will serve some 6,750 direct beneficiaries and contribute to enhanced food security in the three governorates.



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Reestablishing Seed Production and Multiplication Programmes in Aleppo, Idleb, and Hama Governorates


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