Training of a Technical Team from Aleppo on Maintenance of Electricity Grids Held in Turkey

Turkey – Friday, 30 September 2016 – A technical team from the Electricity Maintenance Unit of the Free Aleppo Governorate ended here today a three-day visit for inspection, testing and training on the use of equipment and spare parts purchased by the SRTF for its “Rehabilitation and Maintenance of the High Voltage Grid in Selected Areas of Aleppo Governorate” project.


Due to the intensification of the conflict and lack of resources, the high voltage network in the Aleppo Governorate has not been adequately maintained and is at a severe risk of catastrophic failure. The project, worth a total of approximately EUR 3.5 million, provides for maintenance of 10 high voltage sub-stations in order to prevent the breakdown of transformers, which would result in widespread and extended power disruption.


Organized by the SRTF Management Unit, the visit to the manufacturers in Ankara provide much needed knowledge and training that will help the project’s IE carry out the necessary repairs and replacement of transformers, circuit breakers, connection cubicles, etc. 


The project, which will benefit the entire population of the governorate (about 2 million people), will ensure timely prevention of breakdowns and extended power cuts.



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Rehabilitation and Maintenance of High voltage Grid in Selected Areas of Aleppo Governorate


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