The SRTF Management Committee Approves its First Project in the Education Sector in Syria

Jordan - Tuesday, 26 July 2016 – The SRTF announced today the approval of its first project in the education sector by the fund’s Management Committee. The “Rehabilitation of Twenty Six Schools in Dar’a Governorate” project aims to address critical problems facing the education sector as a result of a vast destruction of schools in the Governorate. Among others, these problems include low levels of school attendance and, in many cases, townships resorting to the use of mosques and private homes to host classes for their children.


A Rapid Assessment of the education sector carried out in December 2015 highlights a series of major constraints and urgent needs, including physical damage to schools, lack of teachers or resources to hire teachers, insecurity, childrens’ psychological stress, and insufficient learning space, furniture, instruments and tools. 


Worth a total of approximately EUR 4.4 million, the project will meet the urgent needs of repairing damaged school buildings and classrooms, rehabilitating water, sanitation and heating facilities at schools and introducing solar energy generation systems to satisfy electricity needs of 26 schools. These include 14 primary schools, 9 intermediate schools and 3 high schools.  


The project will also subsidize salaries of teachers and administrators, including 26 headmasters, 60 administrators, 350 teachers, 26 psychological support specialists, 2 accountants and 52 security officers for one year. The project is also expected to launch outreach initiatives to engage with the community members and develop plans for collecting funds to ensure long-term financial sustainability of the project.



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Rehabilitation of Twenty Six (26) Schools in Dar’a Governorate


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