The SRTF Delivers Galvanized Iron Pipes and Control Panels to Rehabilitate Potable Water Network in Aleppo Countryside

Gaziantep - Monday, 9 May 2016 - The SRTF Management Unit delivered two different shipments of goods to the implementing entity of its project “Restoration of the Potable Water Supply Network in Aleppo Countryside”. The delivery took place at a zero point on the Turkish-Syrian borders.


The first shipment was delivered on 7th of May. It consisted of 6,528 m of galvanized iron pipes, which will be used in restoration of wells. It will help to transfer water from wells to the surface. The second shipment was delivered on 8th of May. It included 26 pieces of electrical panels that will be used to operate the pumping stations transformers.


The aforementioned goods, in line with rehabilitation works in the project, will provide safe and affordable drinking water for more than 234,000 people in two districts of the Aleppo countryside with direct benefits on health and living conditions.




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