At the “Support Syria Conference 2016” in London; The SRTF Director General, Hani Khabbaz, Highlights the Role and Achievements of the SRTF inside Syria

London - Thursday, 4 February 2016 – Eng.Hani Khabbaz, Director General of the SRTF, delivered a statement at the “Supporting Syria Conference 2016”, which opened in London today, highlighting the achievements of the Fund inside Syria.


Eng. Khabbaz pointed out that “in spite of extremely difficult and complicated conditions and constantly changing dynamics on the ground, project delivery and impact on Syrians continues” He said: “The SRTF interventions improve the resilience of Syrians by providing services and creating jobs and contribute to combating migration.”


The Director General illustrated the Fund’s successes in six key sectors, namely, Food Security, Health, Electricity, Water, Agriculture and Solid Waste Management as well as preparations to move forward to the education sector. He also underlined the important role that the SRTF is playing in the stabilization process through its “Filling the Void” project, which is coordinated with the US, the UK and the EU.


Eng. Khabbaz expressed appreciation for the close cooperation and strong support received from donor countries, which have so far contributed about Euro 140 million to the Fund’s resources, and from the two host countries Turkey and Jordan.


A number of conference delegates expressed satisfaction and appreciation for the role played by the SRTF in leading the recovery efforts and provision of public services inside Syria. In her statement of Ms Anne Richard, Assistant Secretary for Population, Refugees and Migration of the State Department underlined the commitment of the US to supporting the on-going efforts inside Syria, especially those of the SRTF, indicating the Fund will continue be a vital channel for delivering assistance to the Syrian people in their country.



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