Staff of SRTF Supported Water and Sanitation Project Inside Syria Conclude a Technical Training Visit to Turkey

Gaziantep - Friday, 20 November 2015 - Staff members of the implementing entity (IE) of the SRTF-supported “Rehabilitation and Restoration of Potable Water Supply Network in Aleppo Countryside” project concluded a three-day training visit to specialized establishments in Turkey today.


The five staff members of the IE, including the project manager and four of its administrative and technical staff, took training sessions in the premises of the world’s largest water pumps manufacturer, Grundfos, in Turkey on 18 and 19 November 2015. Experts of Grundfos group provided hands-on vocational training to the visiting team on a number of the company’s products being purchased and supplied to the project in Syria, including pumps and control panels. The training, which included both theoretical presentations and practical exercises covered the use and maintenance of corrosion-resistant water pumps, submersible pumps, dosing pumps and CAP control panels.


On the 20th of November, the training was extended to more than one city in Turkey,

where the trainees received explanations and illustrations in the premises of Turkish manufactures who produce water pipes, tubing accessories and polyethylene water tanks. The topics covered included a variety of water and sanitation products as well as practical solutions useful to overcome bottlenecks faced by the project in Syria.


At a total cost of approximately Euro 5.2 million, the project aims to provide access to safe drinking water for some 234,000 people living in the targeted villages and rural areas of Aleppo Governorate through repairs and maintenance of heavily war-damaged water supply networks.



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