The SRTF Initiates Independent Monitoring Services for Its Projects in Syria

Gaziantep – Monday, 16 November 2015 – The SRTF Management Unit (MU) announced the signing of the Service Contract of its Independent Monitoring Agent (IMA) Services project, here today.


The engagement of an Independent Monitoring Agent (IMA) is a major requirement to assist the SRTF in monitoring and evaluation on performance and impacts of all projects. In particular, the IMA will monitor the financial management and accountability practices of Implementing Entities (IEs) and carry-out verification of reports on physical progress for project activities and their impact on the communities assisted.


Consequently, the IMA will provide assurances that SRTF resources are utilized for their intended purposes and that confidence can be placed in the overall process of project planning, implementation and the indicators of monitoring and evaluation.


The mission begins with the development of key performance indicators and reporting formats with initial steps to verify the continuing compliance of IEs with SRTF eligibility requirements, ensuring that the SRTF funds are used for the specific purposes budgeted and providing feedback on suspected misuse or misreporting.


The IMA services, which includes monthly on-site field visits, will result in four quarterly reports and one annual report to be submitted to the SRTF management.




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