Rehabilitation of Power Transforming Centers in Raqqa City - Phase II

The rehabilitation of the electricity sector is one of the most critical issues to address after the conflict due to its direct and indirect impact on other sectors. In response to this urgent need, the SRTF approved the addition of the second phase of this intervention. This phase aims to revive targeted neighborhoods around Ar-Raqqa City by providing electricity to all its institutions, including schools, hospitals, fuel stations, and bus stations.


The second phase will rehabilitate 14 electrical transformer stations, as well as rehabilitate the low voltage distribution network. These rehabilitation works will provide electricity to critical facilities and institutions that will, in turn, revive the targeted neighborhood and deliver essential services to its citizens. In addition to rehabilitating 14 power transforming centers, the planned activities for this intervention include:

  • Required civil works including rubble removal, replacing concrete blocks, cement plastering, painting, and installing new doors and windows for 14 transformer stations ;
  • Rehabilitating the medium voltage network and repair / replace transformers;
  • Rehabilitate overhead and underground low voltage networks; and
  • Electricity works including the installation of electricity poles and towers, aluminum and copper cables, and required accessories.


This intervention will positively impact the targeted community as it will support education in the region, revitalize a hospital and fuel station, activate a bus station that will facilitate travel between Ar-Raqqa City and other areas, and initiate a sports facility. Some of these facilities are currently powered by generators but at half-capacity or less. The rehabilitation of the power transforming centers will double the facilities’ work capacity and reduce pollution from the generators. An estimated 30,000 people will benefit from the outcomes of this EUR 1.5 million intervention that will be completed in nine months.


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