Support to Health Services at Hospitals in Idleb Governorate

Due to the conflict, many health facilities in Syria have been destroyed. In order to address health needs, many local doctors and NGOs have established hospitals in some areas of Idleb Governorate.


The hospitals opened with a primary focus on emergency services and trauma surgery, and they later expanded to provide other kinds of health services including elective surgeries, primary health care, and pediatric services. However, some health facilities and hospitals in Idleb Governorate still suffer from a lack of medical oxygen, an absence of a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, and a lack of a thalassemia treatment center. In order to address these issues, this project encompasses:

  • the procurement and installation of two oxygen generators with three filling systems;
  • the procurement of equipment for one Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and its subsequent establishment; and,
  • the procurement of equipment for two thalassemia treatment centers and their subsequent establishment.

In particular, this project involves:

  • providing three hospitals each with one oxygen generator and one filling system;
  • establishing one Pediatric ICU; and,
  • establishing two thalassemia treatment centers.


Successful project implementation will result in the significant improvement of the health care status of 1,200,000 beneficiaries in the project's targeted areas of Idleb Governorate.

The financing agreement for this project was signed in mid-August 2014, and it is expected to be completed by August 2015.

For more information on the project see:ürkiye-for-a-number-of-ies-staff-of-several-projects



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