An SRTF Health Intervention Successfully Completes All its Activities in Northeast Syria

Northeast Syria – Sunday, 6 November 2022 – The SRTF announced the successful completion and closure of its Health intervention, Supporting Health Services in Ar-Raqqa Governorate – Phase IV, today.


Through this intervention, primary and secondary healthcare services were provided in seven primary health care centres (PHCCs) across several communities in Ar-Raqqa, all supported by the previous three phases of this intervention. Services at the COVID-19 Specialised Treatment Centre, which was established in a previous phase, were also maintained to treat mild, moderate and critical COVID-19 cases. Moreover, the intervention ensured the delivery of medication as well as medical and laboratory consumables.


Upon completion, the intervention outcomes were positive with 139,228 consultations provided to 78,750 to unique beneficiaries for communicable and non-communicable diseases, gynaecological treatment, war trauma and non-specified treatment, across all PHCCs. Of those 78,750 patients, 4,220 received laboratory services, 76,611 received medication and 710 were reached through ambulance services. Additionally, 14,040 children and 5,144 pregnant and lactating women were screened for malnutrition.


Moreover, 35 patients were treated at the COVID-19 Specialised Treatment Centre which supported 20 ICU beds and 30 critical treatment beds with fully trained medical staff and provided x-ray and laboratory services and medication to patients, as well as training and personal protective equipment to staff. This in turn improved healthcare in targeted communities and reduced the economic burden on households, thereby, contributing to relieving the suffering of the Syrian people.


Furthermore, 160 medical and administrative staff were hired to operate at the PHCCs and 88 were hired for the COVID-19 Specialised Treatment Centre, respectively. Four trainings sessions were provided to these staff members on various topics. A total of 151 individuals received training on infection, prevention and control (IPC) and waste management, 30 on COVID-19 Case Management, 29 on infant and young child feeding in emergencies as well as 256 on the provision of high-quality medical services to patients and on the general code of conduct, code of conduct for health workers as well as humanitarian accountability principles.


With a budget of EUR 1.7 million, this intervention has directly benefited 97,969 individuals as well as around 699,427 indirectly across seven communities in Ar-Raqqa Governorate, over a period of six months.



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