The SRTF Approves Phase Five of a Health intervention in Ar-Raqqa

Amman – Monday, 16 May 2022 – The SRTF is pleased to announce the recent approval of the fifth phase of its health intervention: “Supporting Health Services in Ar-Raqqa Governorate”. This intervention builds on the accomplishments of four previous health interventions that aim to sustain and improve comprehensive health care to the targeted communities in Ar-Raqqa and have served more than 364,000 beneficiaries during the project duration.


As part of phases 1- 4 of this intervention, different health services were provided including the establishment of seven primary health care centers and a COVID-19 treatment facility that served vulnerable populations in Ar-Raqqa Governorate.


Under the new intervention, two main activities will be delivered: the first is continued support to the seven (PHCCs), each that includes three outpatient clinics (pediatric, gynecology, and internal medicine open six days per week). In addition to the aforementioned, the clinics will offer psychosocial support services, a laboratory and pharmacy department as well malnutrition screening services for children and women. Additionally, health awareness and health education campaigns will be carried out in addition to  24/7ambulance services ready at each PHCC.


The second main activity under this intervention is supporting a Covid-19 ward at one hospital in Ar-Raqqa that includes an in-patient department for Covid-19 treatment with a10-bed capacity, and a Covid-19 ICU section with a 10-bed capacity equipped with ventilators, as well as, a department of radiology, laboratory, and pharmacy that provides all medicines and consumables free of charge.


With a total budget of EUR 1,87 million, the intervention is expected to benefit around 132,366 beneficiaries directly, while indirectly it will serve a hosting community of around 293,704 people including 142,132 of internally displaced people (IDPs).


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