The SRTF Approves Fourth Phase of Food Security Project in Northern Aleppo

Amman – Wednesday, February 24, 2021 – In light of the positive impact made in the first three phases of its food security project, “Complementary Project for Enhancing Food Security in the North of Aleppo Governorate” the SRTF approved the fourth phase of the project. This new phase will focus on the replenishment of soft wheat supply to avoid flour shortages at the supported bakeries.


Under this new phase, the SRTF’s implementing entity (IE) will procure 10,000 metric tons (MT) of soft wheat, 200 MT of salt for bread baking, 100 MT of yeast, 150,000 flour sacks, and agrichemicals for the safe storage of wheat. This project will contribute to the availability of flour for SRTF-supported bakeries, increase bread availability, and stabilize prices for the targeted areas, including areas with large numbers of internally displaced people (IDPs).


This 18-month food security project includes six months of post-delivery monitoring and evaluation activities. With a budget of EUR 3.5 million, this project will provide an estimated 270,000 beneficiaries every month for six months with access to bread at affordable and stabilized prices.


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Complementary Project for Enhancing Food Security in the North of Aleppo Governorate – Phase IV


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