Soil Testing Kits Delivered in Northern Aleppo to Ensure a Successful Agriculture Season

Türkiye – Wednesday,  January 13, 2021 – As part of its ongoing project, “Agriculture Support to Farmers in Northern Aleppo”, the SRTF is pleased to announce the delivery of 10 soil testing kits to the targeted communities today. These testing kits are used to analyze the farmers’ soil to make sure that it is suitable and sustainable for growing crops.


The kits include simple, yet reliable, test protocols for macronutrients (soil pH, N/P/K), micronutrients, and trace minerals including sulfur, manganese, and magnesium. These kits, along with other SRTF provided agriculture inputs, will benefit an estimated 7,500 farmers and their communities to better enable farmers to cultivate healthy crops, which will improve food security and economic mobility in the communities. 


This project covers the duration of two agriculture seasons with an estimated budget of EUR 2.4 million. In addition to these soil testing kits, this project has already delivered tractors, hessian sacks, compound fertilizers, seed sacks, and other agricultural implements since its inauguration. By the end of this project, the SRTF aims to have produced 1,500 self-sufficient, economically viable farms to further improve food security and the local economy.


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Agriculture Support to Farmers in Northern Aleppo

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