The SRTF Delivers a Power Generator to a Hospital in Dar’a Governorate

Jordan – Tuesday, 3 April 2018 - The SRTF Management Unit (MU) delivered an electric power generator to the implementing entity of its “Support to Health Services In Dar’a Governorate” project today. The 150 KVA generator will be installed and operationalized in one of two hospitals supported by the project. It will supply the hospital with an important part of its electricity requirements, especially those related to powering the hospital’s CT Scan facilities and oxygen generators, which were also supplied by the project.


At a total cost of EUR 3.9 million, the project aims to improve the health services in the Governorate in order to address the need for diagnoses of conflict-caused trauma and other types of diseases and disorder, particularly neurological illnesses. Over 94,000 people are expected to benefit from the services supported by the project.


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Support to Health Services in Dar'a Governorate


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