Hama Medical Team Attends SRTF Orthopedic Surgery and Replacement Training in Turkey

Turkey – Thursday, 1 September 2016 – A Syrian medical team ended a one-week orthopedic training course in Gaziantep, Turkey, today. The training was organized by the SRTF Management Unit under its “Supply of Orthopedic Implants and Devices to a Hospital in Hama Governorate” project.


The training course programme, included two parts. The first part took place in the premises of Zimed Medical company where the trainees learned various techniques of using sets of surgical tools, devices and implants such as plates, joints, screws, etc. The second part included participation in life surgeries in Turkish hospitals. Eleven different orthopedic surgeries, including hip and knee joints replacement, were performed during this training course.


The SRTF project in Hama aims at addressing the problem of increased malformation and disability cases resulting from the lack of orthopedic surgery and replacement capabilities in Hama hospitals. At a total cost of EUR 730,000 the project procured and supplied one year’s worth of orthopedic implants, devices and other orthopedic consumables of the selected hospital. The project will help improve significantly the health care services of its implementing entity and the selected hospital to the direct benefit of some 2,500 patients.



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Providing a Hospital in Hama Governorate with Orthopedic Implants and Devices


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