The SRTF Launches a Euro 1.7 Million Emergency Response Plan in Support of Aleppo City

Gaziantep - Monday, 15 February 2016 - The SRTF announced today that it has launched a series of actions under an emergency response plan to deal with the plight of hundreds of thousands of Syrians suffering from the continuing air strikes and heavy bombardment of Aleppo and other areas in the north of Syria .


The plan includes urgent measures focussing mainly on health and food security. A number of medical assistance steps were completed on the 8th of February 2016, by moving primary health care (PHC) medications worth Euro 170,000 and some 1,000 kits of hemodialysis worth Euro 15,000 to Aleppo city. The SRTF has also expedited delivery of two ambulances and related spare parts at a total cost of Euro 95,600.


Another delivery expected to take place on the 20th of February will include a Euro 500,000 worth of orthopedic implants and Euro 165,000 worth of additional primary health care medications and intravenous vascular fluids to Aleppo city. Additional 10,000 hemodialysis kits worth Euro 160,000 and PHC medications worth Euro 240,000 are expected to be delivered on the 25th of February to Aleppo city.


In the food security sector, the SRTF is moving around 1,500 metric tons of wheat supplied by the SRTF worth over Euro 250,000 from locations inside Syria to Aleppo city by the 25th of February 2016. The SRTF intends to provide a mobile flourmill equipped for a production capacity of 15 metric tons per day and installed on a trailer worth a total of Euro 80,000.


The aforementioned assistance comes as additional efforts under the SRTF's current projects, demonstrating the flexibility of the fund's frameworks and their capacity to support civilians inside Syria despite the changing dynamics on the ground.



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