Solid Waste Management in 10 Communities in Aleppo Governorate

With the start of conflict, the solid waste management sector was badly affected. As fighting continued, equipment from the solid waste sector has been misappropriated and used as barricades. Local communities have been paying the price not only in terms of human casualties but also in the deterioration or complete cease of social and public services.


In particular, the lack of efficient sanitation services has led to the spread of diseases, increased swarms of flies and harmful insects; thus, placing at high risk the population’s health. In addition to the risks of uncontrollable spread of disposed of solid waste, the sanitation workers receive insufficient salaries and some of them are working voluntarily within these municipalities. The workers continued to do what they can to maintain proper solid waste management for the good of public health in spite of the lack of equipment and funding.


Therefore, it is necessary to re-establish cleaning and collection of waste and management of sanitation services through this new project, which aims to procure and supply the required equipment, including wheel-loader, garbage collection trucks and tractors with wagons, among others.


Once the utility service of the project's implementing entity is well equipped and organized, the sanitation environment in the 10 targeted communities shall improve and health of 80,000 inhabitants can be safeguarded.


At a total cost of 1,75 million Euro, the project was expected to be implemented within a 24 months period.


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