Reestablishment of the Livestock Vaccination Program in Selected Locations in the Idleb Governorate

Since the onset of the conflict, the necessary inputs for vaccination and veterinary services have become unavailable, and the vaccination services were halted. This has led to a substantial increase in the number of agricultural animals that have died due to diseases, and emergence of new diseases of various pathological strains. The Food Security sector for the population has been affected by the decreased availability of milk and meat. Additionally, the lack of timely vaccination against common livestock diseases increases the likelihood that diseases will mutate and affect humans on a large scale.


The project will help the IE in purchasing and delivering selected vaccines and associated consumables for livestock. This involves arrangements for appropriate storage, handling, distribution and vaccination services. The vaccines will focus on curing animals mainly infected by the Foot and Mouth disease, Clostridial diseases and Pasteurellosis.


The vaccination services will be offered through the IE to livestock farmers by the IE’s veterinarians and their assistants. They will perform follow-up activities after vaccination (e.g., impact of vaccine, monitoring of animals, etc.). The project will decrease the number of livestock deaths due to vaccination against diseases and will directly benefit some 44,000 dairy farmers and about 98,000 sheep and goat farming families (a total of approximately 1,2 million persons) and will indirectly benefit about 3.55 million milk and meat consumers as well as the dairy industry and local economy.


Enhancing the capacity and experience of the livestock directorates, the project will create employment opportunities for veterinarians, veterinary assistants, and other workers associated with livestock and animal husbandry (e.g., livestock transportation, animal processing, meat sales, etc.).


Implementation of the project is expected to last one year from the date of signing the financing agreement. For more information please visit:

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